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On Her Majesty's Secret Server: Hill-arity From 'The Daily Show' on Email Scandal (Video)

Who would have thought plain old email would cause such a ruckus in 2015?

Who would have thought plain old email — so yesterday in the minds of many in tech — would have been so in the news in 2015? And for it to play such a trouble-making role?

First the Sony hack, then the Kleiner Perkins-Ellen Pao trial and, now, Hillary Clinton and her dicey handling of her personal and official email accounts while Secretary of State.

Here’s Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” in a perfect take on the scandal yesterday and also last week. In the first, they use the interview I recently did with Clinton that has also gotten a lot of play in the news this week since I asked her about multiple device use (that full interview is also below). Some think her responses are some kind of smoking gun — I don’t — but you be the judge:

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