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Apple Says Some Store Services Down for All Users

App Store, iTunes Store out of commission for hours.

Reuters / /Neil Hall

Some Apple services, including the App Store, iTunes Store, Mac App Store and iBook Store, were down for users worldwide on Wednesday.

“Customers may be unable to make purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, or Mac App Store,” the company said on its website.

Apple said its iCloud Mail and iCloud Account & Sign In were affected until about 9 am ET, but had been restored.

The other services were disrupted at about 5 am ET and were still unavailable as of 12:45 pm ET.

Blooomberg, which first reported the outage, said users in several countries, including the United States, Switzerland, Hong Kong and U.K. were affected.

(Reporting By Arathy S Nair in Bengaluru; Editing by Simon Jennings)

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