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Liveblog: Day Three of Ellen Pao on the Stand

On day three, we're likely to get a little bit of both sides of Pao.

Courtroom sketch by Vicki Behringer.

Ellen Pao stayed put in the same witness stand chair on both Monday and Tuesday this week — but the tone of her in-court testimony showed two very different sides of the former Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner, depending on who was standing in front of her and asking questions.

When facing her own lawyer, Pao transformed from a person described by other people’s words and performance reviews into a self-assured, even charismatic woman who had perfectly rational explanations for all the ways she’d been challenged.

When facing the opposing counsel, Pao became curt and testy. She unknowingly stepped right into choreographed moments that contrasted her current statements with previous ones she’d made under oath. Her neat and logical timeline of events was scrunched and rearranged into a different and less flattering version.

On day three, we’re likely to get a little bit of both sides of Pao. The defense team gets to ask as many questions as it wants, after which both sides may follow up, and then, provided we get that far, there’ll be questions from the jury.

For all that — and surely more we can’t predict — follow along with our liveblog below.

And for previous testimony from Pao, catch up with the liveblogs from Monday and Tuesday.

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