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Ecstasy, ketamine, and crystal meth are legal in Ireland for one day only

Legal in Ireland for less than 36 hours.
Legal in Ireland for less than 36 hours.
US Customs via Getty Images

Whoops. The Journal and Independent report that ecstasy, magic mushrooms, ketamine, and crystal meth are legal to possess in Ireland until Thursday, following a court decision that struck down parts of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1977.

Legislation reapplying the ban on such drugs can't go into effect until the following day, the Journal reported. So even though the country's legislature is holding an emergency meeting to prohibit the drugs again, their possession remains legal until 12 am Thursday at the earliest.

Older drugs like marijuana, heroin, and cocaine were banned under existing laws that remain in effect. The sale, supply, export, and import of magic mushrooms, ecstasy, ketamine, and crystal meth remain illegal under other laws as well, according to Health Minister Leo Varadkar.

But at least until Thursday, users already in possession of the drugs have some legal relief.

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