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How one Minnesotan learned you should never leave the Midwest

In the dead of winter, many Midwesterners may feel tempted to leave the frozen tundra they call home. But it's not always a good idea.

Back in 1892, a Minnesota state senator decided to leave for the warmer climes of Los Angeles. As the Los Angeles Herald points out, he learned a lot on his big adventure:

1) He thought it was a good idea to leave Minnesota

Leaving Minnesota

(Library of Congress)

2) The warmth of LA made him feel alive

The warmth made him feel alive.

(Library of Congress)

3) But he started having too much fun with his new friends...

He had too much fun.

(Library of Congress)

4) Soon he called the cops on them

Trouble with the law.

(Library of Congress)

5) But his wallet turned out to be lost, not stolen. He felt bad...

He'd lost his wallet.

(Library of Congress)

6) And he realized Minnesota was the place for him

Sweet home Minnesota.

(Library of Congress)

You can read the full tale of the state senator here.