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Apple Shareholders Propose Buying Tesla

Start your Tesla by tapping on your Apple Watch.

Tesla Motors

With all the speculation about Apple’s possible entry into car making, at least one investor was bound to broach the topic Tuesday at the technology giant’s annual shareholder’s meeting.

Turns out, two shareholders posed the same question in slightly different ways: Would Apple consider acquiring electric car maker Tesla?

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook deflected the questions with a bit of Southern charm and wit.

At first, Cook noted that Tesla was alone among the major car manufacturers in not supporting Apple’s in-dash information and entertainment system, CarPlay, which is coming to 40 new car models this year.

“Was that a good way to avoid the question?” Cook quipped.

Another investor pressed the matter, only to receive a similar response.

“Let me think if there’s another way to give a non-answer,” Cook joked.

Cook’s evasiveness is sure to get pundits talking about whether a possible hookup makes sense, as a way to accelerate Apple’s possible entry into the automotive world. After all, Apple does have a giant horde of cash just lying around.

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