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David Besbris Is No Longer Running Google+

Longtime Google+ exec Bradley Horowitz has taken over Google's social media products.


David Besbris is no longer running Google’s social media products, including Google+, according to a company spokesperson.

Besbris is still at the company, but Bradley Horowitz, a longtime Google+ product VP, has taken over Google+ and Photos, a spokesperson confirmed. The news was first reported by TechCrunch.

It is unclear why Besbris is no longer running the show. He took over Google+ last April when Vic Gundotra, who ran Google+ since it launched in 2011, departed.

Besbris spoke with Re/code last October and said at the time that he and Google were both committed to building Google+ moving forward. There had been recent rumors that Google was considering shuttering the service, or at least breaking it apart into individual products; Besbris dismissed those rumors.

This move will undoubtedly call into question once again Google’s commitment to social. It is highly unlikely that Google+ will disappear entirely — there’s still a core user base of diehards who would likely revolt — but a third leader in less than a year certainly raises questions.

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