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Kristen Wiig danced in Sia’s Grammy performance. She was spellbinding.

Over the past year or so, we've come to expect something a bit out of step when Sia performs. From her music video for the inescapable song "Chandelier" to live performances where her face is obscured, Sia is worth watching because you never know what might happen next.

Her performance at the 2015 Grammys was no exception. Shia LaBeouf, who actually stars in her Sia's music video for "Elastic Heart", kicked things off by introducing Sia with what appears to be a "letter" that mostly just turns into a LaBeouf ramble.

After that bizarre intro, there's a mad scramble to make sense of what's about to happen. As your eyes adjust to the busy set (which sorta looks like a modern day version of Miss Havisham's chambers from Great Expectations) and spot Maddie Ziegler (the star of Sia's "Chandelier" video), you notice she's paired with a taller woman who happens to be … Kristen Wiig.

It's disarming primarily because Wiig is just so very good at emoting. She nails the contemporary choreography. Wiig looks like a pro.

But then you also have to peel the layers back — we usually see Wiig when she's funnier, goofier, and cracking jokes. And seeing her perform some visceral and powerful movements — at one point, she pantomimes a punch to her mouth — is spell-binding.

Wiig's performance works on so many levels. It's another testament to the creative way Sia has redefined the way we think of live performances.