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Chipotle Apologizes for Racist Tweets, Says Account Was Hijacked

It's particularly problematic for Chipotle, which faked a hijacking of its Twitter account in 2013.


Fast-casual” restaurant Chipotle apologized Sunday for a string of racist and offensive tweets posted to its official Twitter feed, saying the account had been “hijacked.”

According to reports, various messages were posted to the @chipotletweets, and its logo was replaced with a swastika.

The company apologized on Twitter, and in a statement to Re/code.

“We apologize for the nature of the posts that were made during that time, and we are now conducting an investigation to try to determine what happened and who might have been involved,” Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold said in an emailed statement.

The incident is particularly problematic for Chipotle, as the company faked an account-hijacking in 2013 as part of a promotion.

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