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This video of Ruth Bader Ginsburg talking about feminism is even better than you hoped

Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke about feminism at a Georgetown law school event this week.

It was, as you would expect from the Notorious RBG herself, 100 percent delightful:

  • RBG on the sheer staggering dumbness of overt sexism: "In the U.S. Attorney's office, women were strictly forbidden in the criminal division. There was one woman in the civil division. And the excuse for not hiring women in the criminal division was 'they have to deal with all these tough types and women aren't up to that.' And I was amazed! I said, 'have you seen the lawyers from Legal Aid who are representing these tough types? They are women!'"
  • RBG on how we'll know when there are enough women on the Supreme Court: "When there are nine!"
  • RBG on what she would pick if she could have any talent in the world: "If I could have any talent in the world, any talent that god could give me, I would be a great diva."

Never change, Justice Ginsberg. Never.

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