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Re/code on TV: Talking Twitter, Trolls and the Late Grace Hopper

After spending all week reading about technology, it's time to sit back, relax and watch some video about technology.

With earnings season in full swing, and plenty of tech companies making headlines, the staff of Re/code had a busy week on the airwaves.

Following Twitter’s earnings report, Kara Swisher appeared on CNBC to talk about the kind of growth that the company needs to show in order to please Wall Street.

Meanwhile, Walt Mossberg appeared on Tuesday to talk about his review of of Parallels Access, a program that lets users use their phone to control a Mac or PC.

Peter Kafka was on CNBC to talk about his scoop that Apple has been in talks with TV programmers about a possible over-the-top video service.

Uber is seemingly always the subject of rumor and controversy, and this week was no exception. Re/code managing editor Edmund Lee talked to CNBC’s “Squawk Box” about the company’s privacy practices, as well as a report that Google might be looking to compete with Uber head-on.

Also, Ina Fried appeared on NPR’s “Here & Now” to talk about the impact that China’s Xiaomi is having on Apple and the global smartphone market.

We also posted several segments of our own “Code Forward” show for MSNBC Shift.

Nellie Bowles was joined by commercial litigator Elisa J. D’Amico to talk about the issues around “revenge porn” and online harassment.

Edmund Lee and Jason Del Rey explored a number of pressing issues in tech and business, including Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s bombshell admission that Twitter has not done enough to combat trolls posting harassing tweets.

Finally, actress and director Gillian Jacobs joined the show to talk about her new documentary, “The Queen of Code,” which delves into the life of the late Grace Hopper — an enigmatic, brilliant mathematician who blazed the trail for women in the tech world.

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