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Little Caesars Mocks All of Modern Tech in One Great Commercial

The pizza chain uses a Steve Jobs-style keynote to encourage people to use their revolutionary new "legs" rather than some app to fetch dinner.

Screenshot by Re/code

Tech is great for all kinds of on-demand stuff.

You can order via Instacart to replace the groceries you left in your Uber, and then use TaskRabbit to find someone to do all the unpacking.

But sometimes it’s just as good to use your feet and walk someplace.

That’s the point of a great new commercial from pizza chain Little Caesars that encourages people to eschew apps, credit cards and passwords, and instead use revolutionary new “legs” technology to haul their butts to a nearby restaurant.

The commercial also mocks the cliche of the tech keynote speech, with the whole thing taking place during a Steve Jobs-style address at the fictional Pizza Technology Expo, where an audience of GoPro-wearing techies sits enthralled.

But don’t listen to me describe it. Use your eyes and “watch” the ad for yourself:

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