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Matchstick, the Firefox OS Answer to Chromecast, Gets Delayed

The streaming stick now won't ship until August, rather than January or February as originally promised.


A startup looking to build a streaming-media stick based on Firefox OS acknowledged this week that it won’t ship the product as scheduled.

Matchstick, which hoped to ship its product to Kickstarter backers by this month, said it is delaying shipments until August to redesign the product with a faster processor and support for digital rights management technology.

“It’s been a very busy couple of months and we’ve had to make some hard decisions about how to move forward,” the company said in explaining its decision. “We’ve decided to release the product when it is ready, and anticipate that to be in August 2015.”

Matchstick is backed by Chinese hardware maker aBitCool and other investors, general manager Jack Chang told Re/code last September.

The product finds itself competing against an ever-increasing array of big-name companies with top-tier content, including Google’s Chromecast and streaming-media sticks from Amazon and Roku.

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