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Argentina’s president just sent a crazy racist tweet about Chinese people

Kirchner delivers a statement at China's Great Hall of the People.
Kirchner delivers a statement at China's Great Hall of the People.
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Argentinian president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is in the midst of the most serious political scandal Argentina has seen in years, which includes accusations that she had a lawyer murdered in order to cover up a shady deal her administration made with Iran.

She is also on a state visit to China, where her goal is to strengthen trade between the two nations in order to benefit recession-stricken, energy-starved Argentina.

So obviously the thing to do was ... send a super racist tweet making fun of the Chinese accent.

kirchner tweet recrop

"More than 1000 attendees at the event...are they all from "La Campola" and have come just for the lice and petloleum?"

In the tweet, Kirchner appears to be joking that the 1000 attendees at a meeting she attended had only come for "rice and petroleum." Except instead of "arroz y petróleo," which is how those words are normally spelled in Spanish, she wrote "aloz y petlóleo" — "lice and petloleum" — in a clumsy attempt to imitate a Chinese accent.

And just in case anyone might think it was, say, an unintentional spelling error, Kirchner followed up with an amazing "sorry not sorry" tweet a few minutes later:

Kirchner tweet 2

"Sorry. you know what? When things are so excessively ridiculous and absurd, they can only get digested with humor. Without that, it's just very toxic."

Racist humor, apparently.