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Microsoft Circles Sunrise on Its Acquisition Calendar

The purchase has yet to be announced, but one source characterized it as a "done deal."

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Microsoft has its sights set on acquiring mobile calendar app maker Sunrise, the latest in a string of moves to ensure the software maker isn’t left out entirely when a customer opts for an iPhone or Android device.

Two sources characterized it as a done deal, though Microsoft declined to comment.

The acquisition would further the strategy employed by CEO Satya Nadella to have Microsoft’s core services wherever the customers are. Sunrise has apps for iOS, Mac and Android.

Microsoft made a similar move in December, acquiring email app Acompli for more than $200 million. That company’s technology powers Microsoft’s new Outlook for iOS and Android, which debuted last week. In addition to working on both iOS and Android, the software also works with a range of email providers, including Apple and Google.

The Sunrise acquisition was first reported earlier on Wednesday by TechCrunch, which stated the purchase price would be above $100 million.

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