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Coffee chains in America, in one map

Another week, another map showing Americans remain starkly divided on key issues. Such as coffee.

As the following map clearly shows, all coffee shops are not created, built, or frequented equally in these United States. 

Coffee map

The map, created by Flowing Data (the same website that created this pizza map we wrote about earlier this week), plots the nation's leading coffee chains accessible within a 10-mile radius. The east coast is really pink, which means it's got a lot of Dunkin Donuts. The further west you go, America stops running on Dunkin, and starts chugging Starbucks.

The following maps show the above information broken down by retailer.

Coffee breakdown

Starbucks is clearly the nation's leading coffee chain, boasting about 12,000 stores in a wide range of locations. Dunkin Donuts is a close second, with over 10,000 stores. Some chains, however, are much more concentrated, like The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, which calls Southern California its home.

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