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Instagram Update Means You Won't Miss Videos From Your Friends -- Or Brands

Instagram video ads just got a lot more powerful.

Asa Mathat

Instagram updated its video feature Tuesday with some changes that should sit very well with advertisers.

Videos shared to Instagram now loop continuously — that is, they start again from the beginning as soon as they finish — and can no longer be paused. That means they start automatically and repeat continually until you scroll past them.

That’s a combination that should ensure users actually watch all the videos in their feed, including video ads.

It’s a subtle change, but one that should (obviously) please both current and prospective Instagram advertisers. The company, which is owned by Facebook, started surfacing video ads in the fall, and it’s safe to say that marketers are on board with any update that boosts the probability users will see their ad.

You can see the looping action below.

Crop circle spotted in Phoenix – have you seen it? #Halftime

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