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Another Twitter Update! This One's a New Homepage, Designed to Lure New Users.

Twitter's homepage is a very popular billboard that's basically empty. Time to change that.

Twitter is experimenting with yet another new product tweak — a homepage designed for people who visit Twitter but don’t have their own account.

Twitter’s existing homepage that new users see is almost a dead end. There’s nothing to do there except look at a single photo, plucked from one of the company’s 284 million users. But the new version, which the company has already started testing, provides visitors with a glimpse of what they could see if they did have an account

That version, which you can see at the top of this post, includes multiple streams of tweets from different categories like “General news sources” and “TV shows and stars.” These tweets appear to be curated from popular accounts on the service. A Twitter rep confirmed the company is testing the new homepage.

At Twitter’s analyst day in November, executives said more than 500 million people visit in some capacity each month without logging in. That’s a massive audience of potential users the company has done little to keep around. It’s also possible that Twitter may want to use the new homepage to show them ads, too.

Twitter has been busy pushing out a steady stream of updates and tests designed to lure more users to the service, keep the ones who are more engaged and generate more revenue. The most recent one — a plan to sell Twitter ads outside of Twitter, unveiled this morning — looks like it helped Twitter stock jump 6 percent today.

Expect to hear about all of these during Twitter’s Q4 earnings call on Thursday afternoon.

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Twitter’s old or existing homepage.
Twitter’s old or existing homepage.

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