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Lessons of the Sony Hack: 'Anybody's Vulnerable' (Video)

Top Hollywood figures discuss the Sony hack and its aftermath at Code/Media.

Asa Mathat

It could — and likely will — happen to everyone.

That’s what a procession of Hollywood and media executives said at the Code/Media conference in response to the devastating cyber attacks that virtually brought Sony Pictures Entertainment to its knees.

See the highlights in the video below:

Warner Bros. studio chief Kevin Tsujihara discussed whether such attacks now factor into decisions on which films get the green light. The attack on Sony was attributed to North Korea, perhaps in retaliation for “The Interview,” Sony’s bawdy comedy about a fictional assassination plot on that country’s leader, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Long-time film and television executive Peter Chernin and billionaire “Shark Tank” reality TV star Mark Cuban touched on the embarrassing email disclosures made public by Sony’s hackers, and how it has changed their correspondence.

Gawker Media publisher Nick Denton said Gawker and BuzzFeed’s coverage of details of the private correspondence, including exchanges between former Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal and power producer Scott Rudin, revealed essential “truths” about Hollywood — while Chernin challenged the claim that their reporting constituted legitimate journalism.

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