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Twitter Head of Music Bob Moczydlowsky Is Leaving

Moczydlowsky handled Twitter's relationship with the music industry.

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Bob Moczydlowsky, Twitter’s head of music for the past year, is departing the company next month, according to his own Twitter account.


Moczydlowsky joined Twitter in early 2014 to help serve as a liaison between the service and the music industry. He came from Topspin Media, where he helped artists market to their fans.

Moczydlowsky wasn’t part of Twitter’s executive or upper management team, but he was in charge of potentially important relationships within the music industry. He didn’t specify why he’s leaving, or where he’s headed next.

Twitter’s media team is one of its most important. The company works hard to ensure celebrity users from all industries are using the service. It’s one of the things that keeps people checking the app for news and updates.

As Twitter’s global head of partnerships Kate Jacobs Stanton explained it to us in September: “We know that some of the core conversations on Twitter are around television and sports and music and news and elections. So we spend a lot of time thinking about those core verticals and how we can make sure Twitter is a powerful complement in those specific areas.”

When Moczydlowsky first took the job, Chloe Sladden was running the media team. After she stepped down last summer, Stanton took over.

Moczydlowsky is the second notable Twitter departure this week. Global developer lead Jeff Sandquist announced his departure on Tuesday.

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