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Drake's chart dominance is absolutely absurd

Drake really did go 0 to 100 real quick with this album
Drake really did go 0 to 100 real quick with this album

Drake's album If You're Reading This it's Too Late dropped by surprise two weeks ago, and it continues to dominate the Billboard charts. The hip-hop artist currently has 21 of the 50 songs on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart.

The mixtape is 17 songs long, but several of Drake's other collaborations are also charting right now, including Nicki Minaj's "Only" and ILoveMakonnen's "Tuesday." That means Drake now takes up 42 percent of the 50-song chart.

Even on the Hot 100 chart, which counts all of the top music in America, Drake has 14 songs included, with 10 coming off this new release.

That's absurd, but then again, so is Drake.

What's interesting about this charting is that Drake is one of the first beneficiaries of the new Billboard chart calculations that include digital streams. According to Billboard, he logged 1.8 million streams in the United States, which helped bump  "Energy" into the top 10.

Here are Drake's 21 songs in their ranked order on the  Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs:

No. 4 - "Only," Nicki Minaj, featuring Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown
No. 5 - "Truffle Butter," Nicki Minaj, featuring Drake & Lil Wayne
No. 9 - "Energy"
No. 16 - "Tuesday," ILoveMakonnen, featuring Drake
No. 17 - "Legend"
No. 19 - "10 Bands"
No. 22 - "Blessings," Big Sean, featuring Drake
No. 23 - "Know Yourself" (Debut)
No. 26 - "No Tellin'"
No. 27 - "Preach," featuring PartyNextDoor
No. 28 - "6 God" (Debut)
No. 29 - "Used To," featuring Lil Wayne
No. 32 - "Now & Forever"
No. 34 - "6 Man"
No. 38 - "Jungle"
No. 39 - "Star67" (Debut)
No. 40 - "Madonna" (Debut)
No. 42 - "Company," featuring Travis Scott (Debut)
No. 43 - "Wednesday Night Interlude," featuring PartyNextDoor (Debut)
No. 45 - "6PM In New York"
No. 49 - "You & The 6" (Debut)

You can listen to Drake's whole mixtape here:

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