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A former zookeeper thinks the Arizona llama capture was done all wrong

the llama enjoys his freedom under a shady tree
the llama enjoys his freedom under a shady tree

Earlier today, two brave llamas escaped from their homes in Arizona and had a grand time romping through Sun City while throngs of people tried to catch them.

The white llama and the black llama ran through the city, across roads, and almost onto a highway before they were caught by a man in the back of a pickup truck with a lasso. During their brief moment of freedom, the llamas were chased by many, many people. The llamas seemed very stressed, as if they were not enjoying their vacation at all.

A former zookeeper weighed in on Twitter about how poorly he thought the llama chase was conducted:

In the end, the llamas were captured not by grabbing, but by lasso.

llama gif

Even Brown was impressed: