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The perfect sign for Boston's snow-induced parking nightmare

Lauren Katz is a project manager at Vox, focusing on newsroom-wide editorial initiatives as well as podcast engagement strategy.

Boston area residents have a long tradition of placing chairs, cones and other items as "space-savers" after digging cars out from under multiple feet of snow so that the person who did the work can park again. It doesn't always work, and some people are reacting to their stolen spaces by slashing tires or smashing windshields, according to the Boston Globe.

This sign was posted around Somerville, MA — a city just outside Boston where space-saving is never allowed, to encourage people to keep everything in perspective.

Rachel MacCabe

Rachel MacCabe, who designed the sign, told the Globe that the snow is bringing out the worst in people and she couldn't stand the negativity.

"People are just acting like animals. Even less civilized to an extent," she said.

In Boston, space-savers are generally accepted up to 48 hours after a snow storm, a restriction that the city's Mayor Marty Walsh had dismissed during this incredibly tough winter. Walsh announced on Wednesday, however, that the city will start removing all space-savers.

What exactly does a space-saver look like? Here are some examples:

And here's an example of just how worked up people are getting about the situation:

Hang in there, Boston. Spring is only 22 days away.

(H/t Ruth Tam)