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Twitter's Global Developer Lead Jeff Sandquist Departing

Sandquist is leaving Twitter after less than 18 months.


Twitter’s global head of developer and platform relations, Jeff Sandquist, is leaving the company at the end of the week, according to people with knowledge of the situation.

Sandquist joined Twitter less than a year and a half ago after more than 15 years at Microsoft. A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment.

Update: Sandquist confirmed his departure on his Twitter account Tuesday afternoon.

Developer and platform relations have become a much larger part of Twitter’s business over the past year. Twitter made a big deal unveiling Fabric, its software kit for third-party developers, at its first mobile developer conference in October. The software allows third-party apps to more easily use Twitter services like Crashlytics and MoPub.

On his LinkedIn page, Sandquist listed Fabric as an area of focus for his team.

He also listed “syndication products” as a team responsibility, which is a big one for Twitter. The company is trying to use that syndication number to demonstrate how many people are seeing tweets without actually logging into an account.

Twitter has long argued that it is much bigger than its monthly active user total lets on, and syndicated tweet views is a metric it is now using to quantify its size.

Executive turnover has been common at Twitter. The company had multiple high-level departures last year, including COO, CFO and head of product, and while global developer lead isn’t necessarily on that same level, Sandquist’s departure is a sign that Twitter’s management team is still shifting.

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