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How Frank Zappa ruined Jeb Bush's wedding pictures

Today is Jeb Bush's 41st wedding anniversary. This photo of him and wife Columba has been making the rounds on Twitter:

Cute photo. Too bad there aren't any other photos of Bush on his wedding day. That's because the official wedding photographer was Jeb's younger brother, Marvin Bush, who was still in high school. And Marvin epically screwed up the job.

Marvin Bush took plenty of photos of Jeb and Columba's wedding. Unfortunately, he didn't think much about the film he was taking them on — until he got into the darkroom.

Here's the rest of the story, as recounted by Marvin in Bush sister Dorothy Bush Koch's book, My Father, My President (h/t Time Magazine's Zeke Miller on Twitter):

jeb bush wedding photo story

(Dorothy Bush Koch, My Father, My President)

The question is whether any of the Bush family still have a print of "Zappa's Bride."

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