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Mark Cuban Vs. the World: The Full Code/Media Interview (Video)

He's the kind of guy who can end a two-day media + technology conference with a bang.

Asa Mathat

If you book an interview with Mark Cuban, you know you’re going to get a full-throttle talk with an entertaining, provocative entrepreneur. The kind of guy who can end a two-day media + technology conference with a bang.

And that’s what we got from Cuban when he closed out the Code/Media event last week. Now you can watch what everyone there got to witness: A wide-ranging, thought-provoking chat with a billionaire who seems to fuel himself by staking out positions that run against the conventional wisdom.

Cuban still insists, for instance, that YouTube is an underwhelming asset for Google — which will surprise the billion-plus people who use it, the new constellation stars that have been born there and the advertisers that are increasingly interested in the world’s largest video site. (YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley has a different perspective, which led to an entertaining Twitter dust-up this weekend).

And while much of the tech world thinks net neutrality is a no-brainer, Cuban disagrees: Proposed rules to regulate broadband will “fuck everything up,” says the guy who made his fortune building (and selling) a Web video company.* Then again, he may not be that concerned: Asked to name his favorite stock bet for the next five years, Cuban picked Netflix, a full-fledged net neutrality fan.

You want more? You get more:

  • Cuban on why he doesn’t want Wi-Fi in big sports arenas, like the one where his Dallas Mavericks play.
  • Cuban on why the future of TV is still TV, not the Web.
  • Cuban on what it’s like to be a TV star, courtesy of ABC’s “Shark Tank”, in 2015.

And a lot more.

This is the first full interview video we’ve published from Code/Media. We’ll be running one of these a day for the next few weeks. There’s about 30 minutes of this, so enjoy.

* Cuban’s net neutrality and YouTube comments led to a high-energy (but civil) post-show debate featuring Cuban and former YouTube executive Shishir Mehrotra. I wish I’d documented that one, too.

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