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Floyd Mayweather Announces Manny Pacquiao Fight Via Selfie App Shots

Well played, Floyd.

Jaguar PS/ Shutterstock

Floyd Mayweather knows a marketing opportunity when he sees one.

The well-known boxer, who has never lost a bout in his entire career (47 wins, 0 losses), announced his next opponent on Friday: Manny Pacquiao, the 36-year-old, 10-time world champion who, until recently, rivaled Mayweather for the unofficial title of the world’s best boxer.


But Mayweather didn’t go to ESPN or his Twitter page to share the news, which is arguably the biggest of his career. Instead, he went to Shots, the photo-sharing app used primarily for selfies, where Mayweather is an investor.

Strategic move, Floyd.

Mayweather didn’t just spread love on his own. The App Store’s official Twitter account teased the announcement about 20 minutes early, prompting users to download the app.

Shots CEO John Shahidi is clever when it comes to using social media to grow his business. Using the week’s biggest sports announcement as another plug — not too shabby.

The fight is set for May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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