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These are the winners and losers in Obama's budget proposal

The White House's fiscal year 2016 budget proposal mostly entails giving agencies more money, because Obama is proposing to lift the spending caps associated with sequestration. But not every agency gets more cash, and not everyone who would get more money benefits by the same amount.

Here's a quick summary of winners and losers:

I excluded the military because it operates on a much larger scale than any other discretionary funding. I also left out the Justice Department, because the budget proposal has a short-term quirk there that doesn't reflect the longer-term spending plan. The basic story is that four would be cut under Obama's plan — with the SBA and the Army Corps of Engineers taking cuts that are giant compared to their size, while Agriculture and Health & Human Services absorb small ones (there's plenty of non-HHS health spending in Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare subsidies, too). But note that this SBA "cut" is largely happening because Obama wants to transfer some of their money to the disaster budget, rather than actually reduce spending on SBA programs.

By contrast, Obama wants a really big increase in HUD's modest budget and substantial new investments in the non-military aspects of foreign affairs. The big boost to Commerce is specifically targeting the Census Bureau.