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Chelsea Handler Toasts iPhone, Roasts BlackBerry

The comedian loved her old BlackBerry once upon a time, but says her manager's Passport "takes up half the car."

Asa Mathat

What Kim Kardashian giveth, Chelsea Handler taketh away.

“I use Apple,” the comedian and author said when asked by Re/code’s Kara Swisher what mobile device she uses. “Are there any others?”

While Kardashian gave a nice unsolicited plug to BlackBerry at last year’s Code Conference, Handler poked fun at her manager’s device of choice, which turned out to be a BlackBerry Passport. Handler initially thought it was a Samsung Galaxy, but was corrected by her manager.

“You think I give a shit?” Handler said from the stage at the Code/Media conference today. “It’s big and it takes up half the car.”

Handler said she used to use a BlackBerry, which puts her in pretty good company with plenty of iPhone and Android users.

“I loved my BlackBerry,” she said. “It was hard for me to part with that.”

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