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Verizon Swaps Exec Roles, Puts John Stratton in Charge of Wireless as Dan Mead Looks to Retire

Dan Mead, who has been head of Verizon Wireless, plans to retire after completing work on certain strategic initiatives.


Verizon announced a management shift on Wednesday that will see executive VP John Stratton become the head of both its wireless and wireline businesses.

Dan Mead, who had served as CEO of the wireless unit, is being shifted to a new role even as Verizon said in a regulatory filing it expects the 61-year-old to retire following the completion of the “strategic initiatives on which he is working.”

Verizon also made other changes to its organizational structure, but the company declined to comment beyond what it said in the Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

Mead and Stratton both report to Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon.

The executive shuffle comes as wireless providers fight more fiercely for customers with competitive pricing. AT&T also made changes to its wireless leadership last year, promoting Ralph De La Vega to oversee both wireless and business sales and naming Glenn Lurie as CEO of AT&T Mobility.

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