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BlackBerry Files New Lawsuit Over Latest Typo iPhone Keyboard Case

The phone maker says the Typo 2, like its predecessor, violates patented BlackBerry technology.


BlackBerry has filed a second lawsuit against Ryan Seacrest-backed Typo Products, saying that the company’s latest keyboard case for the iPhone also infringes on its patented technology.

The Canadian phone maker has already won an injunction halting sales of the original Typo case, but the upstart had maintained it was in the clear with a sequel — the Typo 2.

Not so, says BlackBerry.

“Just as they did with the Typo Keyboard, defendants have again copied numerous proprietary BlackBerry designs and patents in the Typo2 Keyboard,” according to the new lawsuit. In the suit, BlackBerry seeks an injunction barring sales of the Typo as well as monetary damages.

Earlier this month, a federal judge awarded BlackBerry $860,000 in damages, saying that Typo Products had continued to ship original Typo cases in violation of the order.

The lawsuit was first reported by the Hollywood Reporter earlier on Tuesday.

Here is a copy of the suit, as posted to the Hollywood Reporter’s website:


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