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Samsung's Next-Generation Chip-Making Technology Is Ready to Go

The new manufacturing process is expected to make its way into chips from both Samsung and Apple.

Samsung on Sunday night confirmed it is ready to go with a new, thinner generation of chip wiring expected to find to way into its own phones as well as the next iPhone.

The 14-nanometer process is thinner than that available from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, the foundry that makes chips for much of the industry, including Qualcomm. TSMC’s thinnest transistors are 20 nanometers wide.

Thinner wiring allows for chips that can run faster and that use less battery life. Also, assuming the chipmaker can produce them at similar quantities, it can be less expensive than those using bigger transistors.

Samsung is expected to use its own chips, which use the 14nm process, in the new Samsung Galaxy S flagship. Samsung has scheduled a March 1 event in Barcelona, where the phone is likely to debut.

Samsung said the new chip wiring will show up first in its eight-core Exynos 7 Octa chip.

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