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Re/code on TV: Female CEOs, Spear-Phishing and the Late David Carr

Plus, three "Code Forward" appearances, including that one thing in your medicine cabinet that's watching you.

Composite image by Re/code

This week’s biggest video news from us is, of course, Kara Swisher’s interview with President Barack Obama, but that was far from the only Re/code close-up of the week.

With the release of Outlook for mobile devices, Walt Mossberg discussed his review and Microsoft’s process and possible strategies with CNBC’s “Squawk Alley.” He likes the app, but says “it’s an uphill battle for Microsoft.”

A New York Times article posited that female CEOs are judged more harshly than their male counterparts. Who better to ask about this issue than our own co-CEO Kara Swisher, who appeared on CNBC’s “Power Lunch” on Tuesday?

Did we mention Obama? Here was Kara’s “Squawk Alley” preview of her interview with the “first digital president.” She wasn’t playing along with the idea of a Silicon Valley presidential snub. “It sounds like you’re talking about a party in high school,” she said. “These people have been around a lot at the White House.”

Two days later, also on “Squawk Alley,” Kara gave another preview and discussed Xiaomi’s handsets and how the company’s entry to the U.S. market may disrupt things. And she spoke about the late David Carr: “He was never impressed, and he was never cynical. And that’s a really hard thing to pull off, and he did it beautifully.”

Meanwhile, Liz Gannes, back from Detroit, took to “Squawk Alley” on Monday to talk about her story about the 10th anniversary of Google Maps. Sadly, the clip is cut off at the end; happily, you can read the whole Google Maps article.

Wednesday, Arik Hesseldahl used the term “spear-phished” in a “Squawk Box” hack-attacks report that your mom will probably call to warn you about. “You use that Twitter? Don’t click any links!” Five minutes later, she’ll Rickroll you and then yell at you for falling for it. (Just me?)

On the radio, NPR’s “Here & Now” talked with Liz about her Detroit series, its connection to Silicon Valley and to her own family, and why Dan Gilbert is rooting for Detroit and the Midwest.

And then, there’s our own “Code Forward” show for MSNBC Shift. On Thursday, Jason Del Rey explained the Internet of Things, consumer concerns and policy. (Cory Booker alert, ladies!) Then he interviewed the CEO of AdhereTech about a connected prescription bottle.

Also on Thursday, Kurt Wagner described Facebook’s new policy allowing users to decide what happens to their profiles when they die. Whom do you trust that much?

On Saturday, to enhance Liz’s Detroit tech series, velvet-voiced Nellie Bowles talked directly to a Detroit investor, then went deeper into the series with Liz herself. Is Dan Gilbert the Tony Hsieh of Detroit?

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