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Apple Watch or Fitbit? President Barack Obama Is Looking for a Workout Companion.

President Obama plans to try out the Apple Watch.

Scott Olson / iStock

President Barack Obama is looking for a workout companion — and we’re not talking about a spotter.

Among the topics discussed with Re/code’s Kara Swisher* in an exclusive interview on Friday, the president talked about his tech gadgets and about one in particular that has piqued his interest: The not-yet-released Apple Watch.

“I don’t have a Fitbit yet, but I work out hard,” he said. “Word is these Apple Watches might be a good companion for my workouts. So I’m gonna see, I’m gonna test it out.

“I don’t want to give [Apple CEO] Tim Cook too big of a plug here until I’ve actually seen the product, [but] he tells me it’s pretty good.”

Obama chooses his gadgets carefully, and he certainly does not suffer from device overload. Far from it. He sticks to his trusty BlackBerry — “I’m so restricted in what I can do, it’s mainly just messages,” he said — and his Apple iPad, which he uses for “non-work-related stuff.”

But he’s open to expanding his range. Obama admitted to enjoying the selfie stick (ugh), which was introduced to him on a recent vacation to Hawaii. And of course, Apple and Fitbit can now race to the post office to get their gear into his hands.

* Kara Swisher is married to but separated from Megan Smith, chief technology officer for the Obama Administration. See her ethics statement here.

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