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Jon Stewart wants to remind everyone he's not actually dead

Jon Stewart's Tuesday announcement that he will leave The Daily Show later this year was treated as major news and provided fodder for both cultural and political commentary — so it's no surprise that the comedian famous for his riffs on the headlines had a couple of jokes about it.

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During Wednesday night's broadcast, responding to the extensive coverage of his departure and reflections on the program's legacy, Stewart suggested that the volume and tone of the tributes had begun to make him feel as if he were being eulogized after his death.

"Last night I was perusing the Internet, " he said, "and I guess my question to you is, uh ...  ‘Did I die?' Um ... 'cause it all seems very ... ‘I died.' Very weird."

Stewart, who's still very much alive, said he was not sure what he would do next professionally. But he suggested that he'll make the most of the evening free time that he didn't have the 16 years he spent hosting the program, telling the audience, "I'm gonna have dinner on a school night, with my family, who I have heard, from multiple sources, are lovely people."

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