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Cookie Monster Gets to Live Out His Pac-Man Fantasy in New Online Game

Om nom nom, indeed. Sesame Workshop is launching the free game ahead of a movie that debuts next week.

Cookie Monster and Pac-Man are two characters made for each another. They both have a voracious appetite for anything in their paths, and now, for the first time, the two characters are becoming one.

Sesame Street on Thursday is launching Cookie Monster Chase, an online browser-based version of Pac-Man, with the fuzzy and blue baked-goods aficionado as the game’s protagonist. Cookie Monster aims to eat all the veggies (and cookies) in his path while avoiding munching the villains, played by the Yip Yips.

The game, free on the Sesame Street website, is being released ahead of next week’s debut of “The Cookie Thief,” an hour-long movie. Billed as a “classic chewdunit,” the movie features Cookie Monster as the chief suspect when cookie-themed art goes missing from a museum.

Sesame Street likes to capitalize on both pop culture in general and video games in particular. Last year, amid the popularity of Flappy Bird, the show’s producers created Flappy Bert, a Web-based parody with similar gameplay.

Meanwhile, Cookie Monster used his Twitter account this week to pitch another way to celebrate his spirit. Omnomnomify turns any website into a Cookie Monster themed affair via a JavaScript bookmarklet.

All this talk of cookies making me hungry.

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