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The United States of beer: the ultimate Bud Light vs. Blue Moon showdown

This map of a nonscientific survey of 5,249 Americans shows that the nation's favorite beers are a patchwork of both history and innovation: from Yuengling — the oldest operating brewery in America — to the Colorado-based Blue Moon Brewing Company, which has only been making its Belgian-style wheat beers since 1995.


Although this map might make it seem that the country has gone completely gaga for Blue Moon, it's important to keep in mind that some states have more people than others. California alone has about as many residents as the western Blue Moon region combined (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, and Minnesota). Texas' Bud Light pulls a lot of weight, too. (Also, people's favorite beers may not be the beers they drink most often.)

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