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Super Bowl Ends With a Brawl ... Between T-Mobile and Sprint CEOs

Marcelo Claure and John Legere traded barbs on Twitter following each other's Super Bowl ads -- which actually took aim only at AT&T and Verizon.


Sprint and T-Mobile spend most of their time fighting AT&T and Verizon.

Both of them like to compare their rates to those of their two larger rivals and target most of their “switcher” promotions at the bigger companies, rather than at one another.

But on Sunday night, following Super Bowl commercials from both companies, the CEOs of both companies took aim at each other on Twitter.

It began with T-Mobile CEO John Legere dissing Sprint’s commercial — and its network — as “half-assed.”

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure fired back, posting a picture that said, “Never sacrifice your class to get even with someone who has none. Take the high road.”

However, Claure also retweeted some posts unfavorable to both T-Mobile and its Super Bowl spokeswoman, Kim Kardashian West.

That prompted a further tweet from Legere, suggesting that Claure keep his “stay classy” mantra in mind when it comes to what he retweets.

Much as the Super Bowl contest itself was marred by end-of-game fighting, the Twitter squabbling belied what had been two pretty fun TV ad campaigns. T-Mobile had Kardashian directly tweeting anyone who signed up, sending pictures from her private “stash,” while Sprint apologized for comparing AT&T and Verizon to sheep, this time ending by saying they were more like a … cut to an image of a donkey.

Here are the commercials:



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