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Re/code on TV (And the Web): Watch Us Talk About Drones, Apple and More

We have a lot to say.

Boring game, right? Here’s a little pick me up: Re/code’s awesome Lauren Goode explaining the state of drones to Rev. Al Sharpton. 2015! It’s an astonishing time to be alive.

Lauren also showed up to explain cord-cutting to the BBC. But alas, for right now, there’s no working video record of it. Sorry Lauren. You’ll always have Al.

There are video records of other Re/coders on TV last week, though. A sampling:

Kara Swisher told CNBC that no one is buying Yahoo — at least right now:

Kara also told CNBC that no one is kicking Twitter CEO Dick Costolo out of his job — at least right now:

Apple had a ginormous quarter, and Dawn Chmielewski told CNBC what Tim Cook wants to do next:

Finally, you should definitely be watching Code/Forward, a new Web show we’re producing in conjunction with MSNBC. This segment features Jason Del Rey chatting with Nellie Bowles about Snapchat’s media moment:

And if you like that (you do!), there’s a whole bunch more every week. You can see the full lineup here.

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