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Learn these 8 Scrabble words to supercharge your game

Chances are your holiday season will involve a lot of indigestion and board games. We can't help with the indigestion, but what if you could improve your Scrabble game using a simple hack?

By memorizing eight unusual, high-point-value two-letter words, you can supercharge your game without a lot of effort. All of these words appear in the online Scrabble dictionary and will help you dump letters you don't want or utilize them in valuable ways. While Scrabble maker Hasbro provides a comprehensive list of valuable two- and three-letter words (as well as "q" words that don't need a "u"), you can make a surprising amount of headway by committing just eight two-letter words to memory.

It's a reminder that Scrabble is a game of math and memory, not vocabulary. As any Scrabble fan knows, Thai players have done surprisingly well in the game, thanks to their dedicated memorization of valid and playable words. That should give you hope — and even if you don't win, you'll get to enjoy the look on your family members' faces when you play "Xi" after dinner.

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