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Kourtney Kardashian App the Latest Addition to Kollection of Whalerock Kardashian Kontent

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters all have their own apps now.

Whalerock Industries

Kim has an app. Khloe has an app. Kylie has an app. Kendall has an app. And now Kourtney Kardashian finally has an app of her own.

The app, which includes a mix of free and $3-a-month subscription content, is available for download from the iOS and Google Play app stores. The Kardashian clan’s apps are made by Whalerock Industries, a Santa Monica-based media company co-founded and led by Lloyd Braun, a former senior exec at ABC and Yahoo.

Braun’s thesis for launching all these apps is pretty straightforward. Celebrities, especially those with giant followings on social media, generate a lot of free stuff on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat that they don’t control. At the Code/Media conference earlier this year, Braun announced that Whalerock was launching a line of apps where celebrities could push out their own exclusive content, onstage next to his first enlisted star, adolescent-adored rapper/beatmaker Tyler, the Creator. Of course, Apple and Google still get a cut of the revenue the apps generate.

kourtney kardashian app

In an interview, Whalerock President Jeff Berman told Re/code that the apps create “an opportunity to connect the artist directly with the audience — completely unmediated.” Jen Garcia, the former People Magazine editor who joined Whalerock earlier this year to oversee the Kardashian apps, added that “these apps are providing so much more than what’s available elsewhere.”

“These are supposed to be a one-stop shop, but specifically about each sister. We’re bringing you premium video, livestreams and more,” Garcia said. “We are independent from E! (the TV network that airs Kardashian programs), but we work really well together. It really complements what they do on the reality show.”

The Kardashian-Jenner Whalerock apps offer livestreams, video, news updates and more. They began launching in mid-September, and Berman says they were immediately among the top-grossing entertainment products on iOS and Android. Currently, Kourtney’s app is the highest rated of all the Whalerock properties on the iOS App Store; she has a 4.5-star rating, whereas none of her sisters are higher than 2.5. Tyler, the Creator’s Golf Media app has a three-star rating.

As for why Kourtney’s app came later than those of her sisters, Garcia said that “She has had a lot going on in her life, she had a lot to juggle and we wanted to wait until it was the right moment for her.”

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