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Uber-Sponsored Survey Finds Working for Uber Is Awesome

Never mind persistent questions about fares and benefits.

The Verge

Two-thirds of Uber drivers are rookies in the for-hire vehicle business. Almost 20 percent are women. And roughly half of the 400,000 drivers based in the U.S. drive fewer than 10 hours per week on average.

This is the snapshot that emerges from Uber’s fast-growing network of “driver partners” (as the San Francisco-based company cloyingly insists on calling them), according to a new survey financed by Uber. Unsurprisingly, the top-line figures are overwhelmingly positive: 81 percent of drivers say their overall experience is positive; 97 percent say they are satisfied with the flexibility of their schedules; and 91 percent say they are happy with the way driving for Uber fits in with the rest of their lives.

But the survey, which was conducted by President Barack Obama’s favorite pollster, Joel Benenson, is just as notable for the questions it doesn’t ask. There is no sense of how Uber drivers feel about fares, insurance, turnover, tipping or the lack of benefits.

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