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Twitter Should Have Used This Video as Its TV Commercial

It's way better. Like, wayyy better.


Now this is a TV commercial!

Marriage equality. Space exploration. Political change. Heartbreak.

Twitter likes to say that whatever happens around the world also happens on Twitter, and that message was reinforced Monday when the company rolled out its annual “Year on Twitter” video. The two-minute clip highlights some of the most popular Twitter moments of the year, which (not coincidentally) included most of the biggest news cycles from the past 12 months, like the Charlie Hebdo shooting and the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis.

The video was captivating and powerful — pretty much the opposite of the recent 30-second TV spot the company aired in October to showcase its new Moments feature. It’s clear from the recap video that Twitter wants to portray itself as a serious place for discussion about the world’s most important topics of the day. Maybe that message will translate to your TV screen sometime soon, too.

Here’s a look at the video:

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