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The NBA's Highlight-Making Machine Goes Live Today

A new program can cut highlight reels in near-real time.

Rich Schultz / Getty Images

The Internet is taking sports highlights to new heights. Take Steph Curry, arguably the NBA’s best shooter of this or any generation. When he scores 41 points in a single game or even hangs out with Drake, it’s quickly posted to YouTube or GIF’d for Twitter, where it racks up hundreds of thousands of views. Curry is a viral phenomenon, and he’s not alone.

The NBA is happy to reap the benefits online. During this year’s NBA Finals, the league says it saw 336 million video views on and the NBA mobile app, as well as 98 million views on Facebook. Those numbers are growing, and the league sees a massive opportunity in creating more content for fans looking for highlights from not just superstars like Curry, but from any player in any game. To accomplish that, the league is collaborating with Israeli company WSC Sports to do what human curation can’t. The tech is called AVGEN, and starting today it’ll allow NBA teams and media outlets to automatically create highlights in near-real time.

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