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GoPro Launches Channel on Amazon Fire TV Just in Time for the Holidays

There's also a video of a surfing dog.


A few months ago, Amazon released a new model of its Fire TV streaming device, for which it has cut the price as a holiday discount. Today, GoPro is giving Fire TV owners something to watch on it.

The camera maker and action sports media company is launching its Amazon Fire TV channel today, also available on the Fire TV Stick. The content available will include a mix of stuff produced by GoPro and curated user-generated content. You can currently stream GoPro content, which includes terrifying wingsuit flights and terrifying downhill mountain bike rides, through Xbox, Roku, Comcast Watchable and other devices and services.

In a review on our sister site, The Verge, Lauren Goode says that the new Fire TV box hasn’t changed all that much from the previous model, but it’s still high-performing and well worth the money. From her piece:

“It has made significant improvements in key areas — things like processing power, video resolution, and virtual assistance. Is it the platonic form of a video streaming box that attaches to your TV? No, it still favors its own Prime video content over most other streaming content providers, and there other features I don’t love. Should you rush out to upgrade if you already have last year’s Amazon Fire TV box? Probably not, unless you just bought a 4K TV.

But is the new Fire TV box a good video streaming device for $100? Yes, especially if you’re an Amazon Prime Video subscriber. It’s a great addition to your living room even if you already have a smart TV.”

Anyway, here’s a clip of Brandy the Surfing Pug — the full version of which is available exclusively on GoPro’s Amazon Fire TV channel until Dec. 14.

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