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Re/wind: Mark Zuckerberg's New Child and Charity-ish Thing, Yahoo Continues to Teeter

Airbnb's fight with NYC continues, and other news.


It was a big week for Mark Zuckerberg’s activities that aren’t part of his Facebook job. Airbnb’s fight with New York City authorities continued, and Re/code announced a set of “Re/code Decode” podcast interviews helmed by Senior Editor Peter Kafka. Here are the headlines from last week:

  1. Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan revealed the birth of their daughter Maxima while simultaneously announcing that they were going to give away 99 percent of Zuckerberg’s billions over the course of their lifetimes. People immediately began pointing out that their new organization, an LLC called the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, isn’t technically a charity, which means the couple can spend it however they like — which Zuckerberg defended as being the whole point, in a follow-up post on Facebook. Elsewhere, the Zuckerberg- and Silicon Valley-backed political advocacy group is preparing to launch an initiative to fight back against Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant platform.
  2. Yahoo’s board got together for its annual December meeting, where it discussed pausing its Alibaba spinoff and recommendations from McKinsey management consultants. Yahoo will likely not sell itself (yet), but a decision on the spinoff is expected by the end of the weekend.
  3. Michael Moritz, the well-respected chairman of Sequoia Capital, told an interviewer last week that he would like to hire women, but he doesn’t want his firm to lower its standards. Moritz isn’t the only VC who has said some backward stuff about women in tech: Take a look at Y Combinator’s Paul Graham and Ben Horowitz of Andreessen Horowitz.
  4. Some changes to our “Re/code Decode” podcasts: There will now be two episodes a week. An episode hosted by Kara Swisher will drop on Mondays, and a new interview segment hosted by Senior Media Editor Peter Kafka will be available every Thursday. This week: Kara spoke with Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, and Peter talked to CollegeHumor co-founder Ricky Van Veen. And the guy working on all of our “Re/code Radio” podcasting efforts? Producer Eric Johnson.
  5. Here’s a close look at Access, the division of Alphabet/Google that houses its upstart broadband Internet unit, Fiber, as well as its clean energy efforts.
  6. The parenting website BabyCenter says that parents are naming their children after Instagram filters. That’s terrible.
  7. Following through on a promise from last month, Airbnb released a bunch of anonymized data about listings in New York City (data that you can view by appointment at the Airbnb office in NYC). New York City council members say Airbnb’s maneuver is a “useless disclosure.”
  8. Qualcomm and Xiaomi, two companies with global growth problems that desperately need each other’s business, announced a major patent licensing agreement on Wednesday.
  9. Nick Cannon, the ex-husband of Mariah Carey and actor in early 2000s fare like “Drumline,” is the new chief creative officer of RadioShack, which is still alive.
  10. On the same day that news broke indicating Uber was raising another $2 billion, Lyft and Didi Kuaidi added two new ride-hailing services to their global alliance of companies competing against Uber. The two are India’s Ola Cabs and GrabTaxi, which operates in six southeast Asian countries.

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