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Who Had the Better Dating App Parody, 'Saturday Night Live' or YouTuber Ryan Higa? (Poll)

Settle in for two very funny videos with a shared premise.

It must be incredibly tough to be a writer for “Saturday Night Live” when everyone online is either a critic or a comic.

But it’s hard to ignore that one of last night’s highlights from the show, a dating app parody called “Settl”…

… was a more straightforward twist on the premise of a wacky viral video from last year, “,” which racked up nearly five million views on YouTube:

It’s funny how “Settl” seems to be closest to Tinder (not being able to swipe left is a feature!), whereas “” hearkens more to those atrociously cheery ads you might see for or eHarmony during TV’s off-hours.

But who did it better — “Saturday Night Live” or YouTuber Ryan Higa? Vote below to weigh in.

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