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Twitter Reinstates Politwoops So You Won't Miss Any Political Blunders

Politicians' deleted Twitter flubs will be recorded once more.

Sunlight Foundation

If you were to ask Jack Dorsey what the point of Twitter is, he would likely give a grandiose answer about free speech, the importance of global connectivity and so on.

In that vein, Twitter today announced that Politwoops — the Sunlight Foundation- and Open State Foundation-run service that saves the deleted tweets of politicians — would be returning to Twitter. In June, Twitter killed Politwoops because it said that saving deleted tweets violated Twitter’s developer agreement.

A blog post on Twitter’s website heralding Politwoops’ return doesn’t have much in the way of comment (or apology). It does, however, circle back to a remark Dorsey made in October at Twitter’s Flight developer conference, in which he praised services like Politwoops for holding government accountable. There are also statements from the Sunlight Foundation and other digital rights advocacy groups that praise Twitter for allowing them to hold government accountable. You can read it all here.

And besides, how could you hate Politwoops? It has given us truly magical headlines like this one: “Congressman’s Office Admits ‘Benihana in This Bitch’ Tweet Was Mistake.”

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