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Dubai’s 63-story Address Downtown Hotel is on fire

Dubai's 63-story Address hotel burns New Year's Eve night.
Dubai's 63-story Address hotel burns New Year's Eve night.
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A giant fire has turned Dubai's 63-story luxury Address Hotel into a towering inferno that lit up the skyline as midnight neared in the United Arab Emirates:

It's not yet clear what caused the fire or how many people were injured. According to tweets from the Dubai government's media office, the fire is on the outside of the building and hasn't spread inside, and at least four squadrons of firefighters are trying to contain the blaze.

But the hotel and apartment complex has one of the best views of Dubai's New Year's Eve fireworks displays, and partygoers were forced to evacuate as the flames engulfed the building.

Meanwhile, the media office said, the New Year's fireworks will go on as scheduled.

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