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Twitter’s Updated Mac App Wasn’t Made by Twitter

Blame Black Pixel?


Twitter’s oft-neglected app for Mac got a much-needed update today, adding support for inline GIFs, videos, quote-tweets and other features that mobile users have had for ages. But while many users were glad to see the app getting attention, others criticized it for performance issues: Laggy scrolling, the new-notification dot failing to disappear after clicking and login issues. If the app doesn’t appear to be totally in harmony with Twitter’s efforts on mobile apps, here’s one possible reason: Twitter didn’t build it.

Development of the Mac app was outsourced to a third-party developer, said Jonathan Wight, a former Twitter employee, in a tweet. The Verge confirmed that the app’s development was outsourced with other people familiar with the matter. One of those people said the developer is Black Pixel, a well-regarded digital studio based in Seattle. Black Pixel’s other clients have included ESPN, Starbucks and the New York Times, according to its website.

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